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Student Forms

To assist you with managing your degree program, we provide the following forms. Many of these forms allow you to change aspects of your studies or your identity.

Note: These forms must be returned to us by email to


MAFC Forms - General 

Form Name Form used for
Application Credit/Exemption  
Change of Name To advise change to your name
Notification of change of residency To advise change to your Australian residency status
Change of location of study To change your Centre of Study (i.e. Melbourne to Sydney)


MAFC Forms - Enrolment

Form Name Form used for
Application for Special Approval To request pre-requisites to be waived AND/ OR request to study above normal study load
Application to Withdraw without Academic and/or Financial Penalty Must be submitted before the final assessment task for the unit
Change of Unit (Addition and/or Discontinuance) To add and/or discontinue units after census dates


MAFC Forms - Assessments

Form Name Form used for
Application for Challenge Exam  
Special Consideration Application
To notify us when you have experienced serious and unavoidable disruption to your studies. Your submission will be used to determine the outcome in accordance with the Special Consideration Policy.
Final Grade Appeal Application To appeal the final mark you received in a recent unit of study

Professional Authority


To support a Special Consideration Application when required by the
Policy or as requested