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Satisfactory Performance


You are expected to maintain satisfactory progress in this Master’s program.

After two terms of full-time study or four terms of parttime study, you should normally have sat for the final exam for at least two core units. If you have not met that benchmark, your participation in the program will be subject to review by the Centre’s Review Committee and can lead to termination of your studies.


Unsatisfactory performance can lead to termination of your studies. Grounds for unsatisfactory performance are a fail grade in two core units or four elective units or an equivalent mix of a core unit and elective units, or two fail grades in the same core unit (that is, 8 credit points).

If you fail to provide sufficient evidence to explain your performance within the required time frame you may be
excluded from the program.

Students who are permitted to continue will likely be placed on a restricted study plan.

Failure in the first 2 units of study in the program is likely to lead to termination of your studies.