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  1. You are expected to comply with the exam requirements
  2. We expect you to sit exams on the scheduled date. To assist you to do that, an exam date is published in the timetables on our website for some months before that exam.
  3. Macquarie University operates under a ‘Fit to Sit’ model. This means that in sitting an exam and/or in-class test or a quiz or otherwise submitting an assessment, you declare yourself fit to do so. Therefore, if you are feeling unfit to sit the exam, test or quiz, or otherwise submit the assessment (as the case may be), you should not do so. If you sit an exam, test, quiz, or otherwise submit an assessment, knowing that you are unfit to do so, you will not be granted Special Consideration.  For more details:
  4. Exam charges will be applicable for students intending to sit an exam outside their centre of enrolment.
  5. If you want to sit an exam in a different location other than a MAFC teaching centre (e.g. due to business travel to another city, or to be closer to your home residence), please contact the Program Director at, no later than four (4) weeks before the exam. Requests made after this time will not be accepted.
  6. You will be charged the cost for holding an exam outside an MAFC teaching centre, and will be liable for these fees. Fees will depend on the venue and location of the exam. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to make arrangements for you to sit your exam at another location other than a MAFC teaching centre. Please also note that non-payment of this exam fee will result in no further exams being organised and you will be expected to sit the exam in the centre that you are enrolled in.
  7. If you do not attend an exam you will be given a Fail (F) grade on your transcript unless Special Consideration has been approved by the Program Director under the University’s Special Consideration Policy.
  8. Most of the Centre’s units have exams. To pass most of those units you must pass the exam(s) for that unit (no matter how well you have performed in earlier assessments). (Details are provided in the relevant Unit Guide for each unit.) This is known as a hurdle requirement. If you fail to meet the hurdle requirement on your first attempt, and the Examiners’ Committee judges that you have made a serious attempt at passing that exam (e.g. you got close to passing it), you will be provided with a single opportunity to sit a supplementary exam at a date specified by the Program Director and you will need to make yourself available for this exam. If you are awarded a supplementary hurdle exam, it will be graded on a pass/fail basis. If you pass this examination the mark you will be awarded for the unit will be the original raw total of all your assessment tasks including the original exam. That is, the supplementary hurdle exam only impacts your meeting of the hurdle requirement. Passing that exam does not impact your raw total.


Updated: 20 February 2017