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iLearn is the online system for:

  • Submitting assignments
  • Retrieving course notes, readings and other unit resources
  • Communicating with the cohort and lecturer.

Students are expected to login to iLearn frequently, at a minimum twice a week. iLearn can be accessed in Quicklinks on the MAFC student website.

Announcements, forum posts and notifications are directed to the students mq student email only.

Access to an iLearn unit is linked to the student’s official enrolment in the unit.

The login point for access to an iLearn unit is

The student will need to enter their student number and password (set up at the first time login application) to access the iLearn unit.

Help guides and IT support can be found at

You will have access to cores for 12 months and 6 months for electives. MAFC recommend you save your notes at the end of each term.