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Appeal of grade

The grade appeal process ensures that students are not disadvantaged on procedural grounds (i.e. where stated procedures are not followed). It is not to be submitted as an automatic response to an undesirable outcome. Appeals will be treated seriously and fairly but in return they must be genuine and carefully justified in terms of the allowable grounds for appeal.

A student is expected to seek feedback from their lecturer or unit convenor in regard to their performance in specific assessments in advance of submitting a grade appeal. Grade appeals will be screened prior to processing and those found not to meet the grounds set out below will be rejected without further consideration. The following are not valid grounds for appeal:

  • Failure, including claims regarding effort put in or beliefs about performance
  • Challenges to marking - the academic judgement of unit convenors and markers is not open to question. Questions on these points should be addressed via consultation with the unit convenor.

A formal grade appeal must be supported by evidence. Grounds for a grade appeal are limited to:

  1. A clerical error occurred during the determination of a final grade;
  2. The Unit Guide was not in accordance with the Unit Guide Policy, which can be accessed at;
  3. Due regard was not paid to illness or misadventure that had been found to be eligible for special consideration;
  4. The student had been disadvantaged in some way due to the conduct of the an assessment task;
  5. The student had been disadvantaged by variation of the assessment requirements or feedback provisions laid out in the Unit Guide.

If after reviewing this list you believe you have grounds for a grade appeal, and you can demonstrate those grounds, please complete and submit a ‘Final Grade Appeal Application’ form to within twenty (20) working days of receiving your recommended result. Your submission MUST include detailed evidence to support a grade appeal. The Final Grade Appeal Application form can be found in Quicklinks on the MAFC student website.