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Program Rules and Procedures - online version

Program Rules for Students - online version

The MAFC Program Rules and Procedures [PRP] will address the majority of questions you will have about the administration of your study program. Students should familiarise themselves with the content of the PRP and refer back to it if you have questions regarding performance, assessment and progression through the Program. Students can also refer to the FAQ section of this site. You may also download a PDF version of the rules.


1     Introduction

1.1 Communicating with MAFC

2     Your Study Plan

2.1     Enrolment

2.1.1   Enrolment in units for which there are pre-requisites

2.1.2   Enrolments in units for which there are co-requisites

2.1.3   Enrolment in units for which there are both day and evening classes

2.2    Recognition to prior learning (RPL) for Credit / Exemption

2.3     Higher than normal study load

2.4     Deferment and re-admission

2.5     Discontinuance of a Unit

2.5.1   Discontinuance of a unit without penalty

2.6     Progression

2.7     Disruption to studies

2.8     Centre of Study

2.9     Attendance at class

2.10    Remote study

2.11    Payment

3     Assessment

3.1     Grades

3.1.1   Results

3.1.2   Appeal of Grade

3.2     Exam Rules

3.3     Assignments

3.3.1   General Information

3.3.2   Submission of Assignments

4     Satisfactory Performance

4.1     Satisfactory Progress

4.2     Unsatisfactory Performance

5     Program Articulation

6     Academic Honesty

6.1     Plagiarism

6.2     Rules Governing a Student’s Conduct in Examinations

7     iLearn

8    SAA-GE Singapore Students

9    Glossary of Terms

9.1    Census Date

9.2    Payment Date

9.3   Graduate unit

9.4   Plagiarism

9.5   Post-graduate unit

9.6  Serious and Unavoidable Disruption

9.7   Special Consideration

9.8  Unit

9.9  Withdraw

10   Privacy