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Exam Requirements

Rules and procedures for exams - the following are applicable to students of AFC:


Students will be responsible for:

  • checking the examination timetable - noting the time and day for each exam
  • knowing the examination location and arriving at allocated examination venue on time
  • knowing the structure and format of the examination
  • adhering to the examination timetable
  • ensuring they are available for the full duration of the examination period and supplementary examination period


Duration of Examination

  • Ten minutes reading time will be allowed at the beginning of each examination. Students must not write or mark the examination materials in any way until advised by the supervisor at the conclusion of reading time.


Quality Assurance

  • Details of the structure and format of the examination paper will be made available to students prior to the start of the examination period. This detail will include:
    • a copy of the examination coversheet, giving the conditions under which the examination will be held
    • information on the types of questions the examination will contain, and
    • an indication of the unit content the paper may examine



  • There will be an Examination Supervisor in charge at every examination. Students must follow directions given by the Examination Supervisor.
  • Students will be required to present their Macquarie University Campus Card as photographic proof of identity for the duration of the examination. This must be visible at all times during the examination. In exceptional circumstances, the Examination Supervisor may allow alternative photographic proof of identity such as a current Australian driver's licence, a current Australian Proof of Identity card or a current passport.
  • Students are not permitted to:
    • enter an examination venue once one hour from the time of commencement (excluding any reading time) has elapsed
    • leave an examination venue before one hour from the time of commencement (excluding any reading time) has elapsed
    • leave an examination venue during the last 15 minutes of the examination and remain seated at the end of the exam until all exam materials have been collected
    • be readmitted to an examination venue unless they were under approved supervision during the full period of their absence
    • obtain, or attempt to obtain, assistance in undertaking or completing the examination script
    • receive, or attempt to receive, assistance in undertaking or completing the examination script (Unless an application for reasonable adjustment has been approved)
    • communicate in any way with another student once they have entered the examination venue


Authorised material in examinations

  • It is a student's responsibility to ascertain whether an examination is an open book or closed book examination. This information will be published in the Unit Guide and will be specified on the examination paper.
  • In open book examinations, students may bring in hardcopy written reference material, as specified by the unit convenor.
  • Aids such as calculators and electronic dictionaries (paper-based or electronic) may only be brought into examinations where their use has been specifically authorised. Unit convenors may specify the type of aid allowed and this information must be published in the unit guide and will be specified on the examination paper. Neither calculators nor dictionaries will be supplied at the examination.
  • Where specific materials are required for a particular examination, such as a legal document or a table of data, they will be provided as part of the examination paper.
  • All watches must be removed and placed at the top of the examination desk, where they can be seen clearly and easily by supervisors, and must remain there for the duration of the exam.  All alarms, notifications and alerts must be switched off.
  • Bottled water is permitted in the examination room but it must be in a clear and unmarked bottle.


Unauthorised material in examinations

  • Student’s bag must be placed at the front or back of the examination room (or as instructed by the Examination Supervisor). Access to bags during the examination is not permitted under any circumstances, this applies to both open book and closed book exams. Materials that must be placed in the student’s bag include (but are not restricted to):
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronic devices (including smart-watches and tablets)
  • Laptops
  • pencil cases
  • notes of any kind including those written on persons, rulers, calculators, calculator covers or anywhere else
  • blank paper, note pads, writing paper/pad
  • Any unauthorised material detected will be confiscated by the supervisor. Cases of alleged academic misconduct will be handled under the provisions of the relevant University policies


Handling of examination scripts

  • A student is entitled to view their annotated final examination script. The viewing will be conducted in a secure location. The Unit Convenor (or nominee) will be present at all times. The student is not entitled to copy, destroy, alter or annotate the script in any way. The script will remain the property of Macquarie University.
  • The final examination paper for each unit will be made available by the University and published on the University Library website after the official end date of the scheduled final examination period.
  • A student in breach of any of the conditions relating to an examination will be referred to the Director and in severe cases will be referred to the Executive Dean and the University’s Disciplinary Committee. Procedures and penalties are as set out in the University’s Academic Integrity Policy, which can be accessed at