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Fees & Payments - Singapore


Student Information

This section contains important information that we expect you to be aware of throughout your study with us.

Late payment

If you have a debt with the university you will not be permitted to do the following:

  • attend classes;
  • pick up graded assignments or exams;
  • sign out library books;
  • amend your study plan; or
  • graduate from Macquarie University

Payment methods

You can pay fees by:

  • A bank cheque or personal cheque, payable to "SAA-Global Education Centre Pte Ltd"”; or
  • Telegraphic Transfer – please contact for account details

Tax invoices and receipts

NOTE: All payments made  to SAA-GE over the service counter will be issued with an official receipt. Student can also write to our Programme Executive in-charge of MAFC programme should they requires additional documentation pertaining to their course. In this case, the Programme Executive in-charge of MAF is Ms Jasmin Aquino and her email address is

A tax invoice lists all of your units and their individual costs. A receipt shows that you paid a certain amount of tuition fees on a certain date.

Please note that once a tax invoice is created it cannot be changed. As such, if a tax invoice is requested when fees are outstanding the tax invoice will show an amount owing. If you have recently made a payment please request that the tax invoice be created after your payment has been allocated to specific units.