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Pre-Orientation - PART TIME Program

Congratulations on your place in the Macquarie University Applied Finance program. Please ensure you complete the following steps before your Orientation session.


Enrol into your unit(s) using iManage

First Time Enrolment

Enrol into units in your first term with us by following the iManage Enrolment Guide.

Once you have completed your enrolment in iManage, you MUST wait two business days before you can complete the remaining steps.


Upload photo in iManage

You are required to upload a passport sized photo in iManage, which will be used later at the orientation session for your online campus card application.

Some tips for providing an acceptable photo:

  • As a guide, a passport style photo is what is required - the only difference is you can smile in your photo
  • We need to see your face clearly, so the photo only needs to cover your head and neck
  • You should stand face on to the camera taking the photo (no side view) - you don't need to show us your best side, or over-shoulder-red-carpet-look, or your holding-camera-higher-than-your-head-selfie-face
  • No filters - you look great without them


Set up First Time Login

You are required to complete the first-time login process for:

OneID is required to access:

  • iLearn
  • Student Email

For more details on each of the systems you will be using during your study with us: Systems Descriptions and Guides


Update Contact and Next of Kin details in eStudent

You must update all relevant sections under ‘My Details’ in eStudent to complete the enrolment process. 

It is part of the enrolment Terms and Conditions to keep your contact and next of kin details up to date.


Complete online Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) for FEE-HELP

FEE-HELP is a government loan scheme whereby tuition fees are deferred to the Australian Taxation Office. If you are eligible for FEE-HELP, you will need to lodge an online eCAF for FEE-HELP via eStudent. This can be done once you have accepted your offer. Your eCAF must be completed by the census date to be eligible for the loan.

If you wish to apply for FEE-HELP, click here for instructions on how to complete the online eCAF form.

Please note that you are only required to submit one approved FEE-HELP eCAF for the duration of your course.

Failure to complete the online eCAF form by the relevant census date will result in sanction debt(s) for your enrolled unit(s) and may also lead to cancellation of your enrolment.

Note to Re-Applicants: If you have previously used FEE-HELP for your study with us and you would like to use it again for your re-admission, you MUST complete a new eCAF form.


Check Tuition fee due date(s) in eStudent

If you are paying your tuition fees upfront, you need to check the tuition fee due dates for your enrolled units in eStudent. Please note that fees must be paid in full by the relevant census date.

The Applied Finance Centre maintains a different census date for each term. This varies to the census date for Macquarie University.

Unit census date is the last date that you can withdraw from a unit without incurring a financial liability and/or academic penalty.


Review all sections under ‘New to MAFC’ on Student Site

It is very important that you review all the other sections under ‘New to MAFC’ before the Orientation.

If you have any questions, we can address them at the orientation or you can always email


Purchase the required textbook(s)

We strongly recommend you to obtain the required textbook(s) at the earliest to maximise your preparation for the unit. 

Please note that there are also some units that have pre-course assessments or assessments due in the first week of lectures.


For information on the required textbook(s), please refer to the unit outlines:


For bookshop information, please go to: