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Pre-Course Materials

The MAppFin Program covers a broad range of topics and attracts people with a range of knowledge and experience. This means an individual with a strong maths background may find a particular unit quite easy, whilst someone else may find it more challenging. In any given class there will be students who have more experience in that topic and can help others to learn from their experiences.

Pre-readings and problem sets, referred to as ‘Topic 0’, are available on this website.  These Topic 0 materials cover the fundamentals of financial maths and accounting.  Students who are able to complete these subjects will be sufficiently prepared for the core units. 


Portfolio Management and Valuation, Topic 0

Pre-Course Knowledge

The four Gateway units of the Graduate Certificate in Finance represent the pre-course knowledge required to successfully study the advanced applied finance units of the Masters of Applied Finance and the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance.

To determine whether you should apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (and thereby reduce your program by the four Gateway units) it is important to review the descriptions and possibly contents of these units. To review the Gateway unit descriptions click here:

Gateway unit descriptions

From the link above, you can see the topics for each Gateway unit by selecting a Gateway unit and then clicking on its “Course Outline” link. In the Course Outline, there is a menu displayed on the left of your screen. Select “Unit Schedule” and you will see the topics for the unit. If you are unfamiliar or not confident with these topics, then we encourage you to consider either enrolling in the Gateway unit/s or purchasing the text book for those units (which can be found by selecting “Delivery and Resources” on the Course Outline’s menu).


Financial Instruments, Topic 0

Topic 0 Summary of contents
Time Value of Money Time value of money, including: present value & discounting, future value & compounding, valuing a cash flow
MAFC - BKM Quantitative Appendix Cumulative normal distribution table, BKM Quantitative appendix


Corporate Finance, Topic 0

Topic 0 Summary of contents
Topic 0 – Financial Statements
Financial reporting, including: matching principle (accrual accounting); historic cost convention and going concern assumption. The balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement

Introduction to Corporate Finance - Video *


The video, introduced by CF stream leader, Tony Carlton covers the fundamentals of corporate finance, using presentations and quizzes/online tests.

* Access via iLearn once enrolled in the unit.


The applied nature of this program means that the focus is on the application of knowledge rather than complex mathematical derivations.

Students should also prepare for lectures by reading the lecture notes and relevant chapter from the textbook before each lecture. 

The textbook for AFCP801: Portfolio Management and Valuation this term is:

Bodie, Kane and Marcus, Investments, McGraw Hill, 11th edition 2014