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Choosing a Calculator

IMPORTANT: You must have a financial calculator capable of doing date and bond calculations.


Preferred model

HP17bII+ (Hewitt Packard)

  • Supersedes the older HP17BII model
  • Superior program functionality
  • Used by lecturers
  • Best model for all risk management units
  • Supersedes the older HP12C model
  • Harder to program than (1) above
  • Basic capabilities


Texas Instruments BA II Plus  This is acceptable if you already have one but many of its features are considered burdensome. If you have to buy a calculator, we recommend hp17bII+.

Not Recommended

HP10BII Too basic for this program
older HP12C model You have to learn a calculator input method called Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). The HP12C does not have an “=” sign so in a calculator with algebraic input, you calculate 3 x 15 with the following keystrokes: 3 x 15 = . While using RPN the keystrokes you input: 3 ENTER 15 x