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GARP scholarships for full-time students on offer

GARP is offering scholarships for those wishing to sit for the Financial Risk Manager Exam (Part 1) in November.  If you would like to be considered for the scholarship you will need to contact me by 25/8 so that I can arrange for your nomination.  Please note the following:

•        The scholarship will cover your Exam registration fee.
•        To be eligible you must be a full-time student as at November 2013.
•        Places are limited.  I can nominate no more than 2 students.
•        Priority will be given to those who started the Master’s program in January 2013 (or earlier) i.e. you should be close to the end of your studies with us.

Here is some information from GARP about the program:

Many successful FRM candidates enrol in the FRM Program while completing their studies. Passing the FRM Exam can give students a head start in their careers, especially now that businesses are increasing their emphasis on effective risk management. Certified FRMs work in a broad variety of firms across different industries including investment banks, commercial banks, savings banks, asset management firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, non-financial corporations, consulting firms, credit rating agencies, central banks, and government and regulatory agencies.

Interest in the FRM continues to grow globally; in 2012, FRM candidates were represented by over 5,900 organizations and 136 countries underscoring its status as the acknowledged global standard for risk management. If you are interested in learning more about how achieving the FRM can help build your career, we invite you to view a Webcast on this subject by clicking here.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Sheedy
Risk Management Coordinator