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Frequently Asked Questions - Graduation

Recent policy changes regarding graduation

If you commenced your degree in 2012 or later you may continue to enrol in units in the Master of Applied Finance degree.  The results from these units will appear on your transcript.  Please note that additional units will be charged at the current full fee levels and you will not graduate until you notify the University that you now wish to do so.  Please contact us if you intend to enrol in additional units before you graduate. 



What documents will I receive at my Graduation ceremony?

You will receive your degree testamur, two copies of your academic transcripts and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement at your Graduation ceremony. 

I have my final results, how to I qualify for my degree?

Your results will be presented to a University Senate meeting for a formal decision to award you the degree. Results are presented for each centre as follows:

Sydney - February, July and December

Melbourne - February

Singapore - July

Beijing - August and September


Results released and presented after those meetings will be allocated to the next available ceremony for your centre.

A detailed list of Academic Senate Qualification dates can be found on the Graduation Unit's website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive your final results early in a term, you will not be notified about Graduation until the Senate has certified and ratified your results at the allocated meeting, as detailed above.

How will I be notified about Graduation?

Shortly after the University Senate meeting, you will receive an email from the Graduation Unit containing your Conferring of Degrees Form and other important information. You will have to log-in to eStudent to confirm attendance at the Graduation ceremony, book you Academic dress or change your details. Log-in details will be provided in the email form the Graduation Unit.

Please refer to the Graduation Unit FAQs for further information about registering through eStudent and details about graduation ceremonies.



What happens if I do not respond to the graduation invitation?

If you do not respond to the Graduation Invitation and your status remains as HOLD, you will graduate in absentia and cannot attend a subsequent ceremony.

I do not want to attend a Graduation ceremony, what do I need to do?

You can choose to graduate ‘in absentia’ on the University's graduation invitation. If you do not respond to the graduation invitation, you will automatically graduate in absentia. Your official graduation documents will be held until you contact the Graduation Unit to confirm your mailing address. Students may elect to have their documents sent by regular post free of charge or by special courier or express post for a fee. Change of mailing details and/or prepaid special delivery requests must be received by the deadline indicated on your Conferring of Degrees form.

Alternatively, if you would like your documentation to be held for collection at the Graduation Unit, you must specify this on your Conferring of Degrees form before you return it to our office. If you would like another person to collect your documentation, you must complete the Testamur Proxy Collection form and return it to the Graduation Unit.

Can I graduate in a centre other than my centre of study?

If you wish to graduate in a different centre, you need to advise the Graduation Unit so that they can update your details and send you the correct Conferring of Degrees form.


What are the dates of Graduation?

Sydney - April and September

Melbourne - March or April

Singapore - September

Beijing - November


PLEASE NOTE: Graduation ceremonies close approximately one month prior to the actual ceremony dates.

How long does the ceremony last?

The formalities during the ceremony will take approximately one to one and a half hours. Free refreshments are served at the end of the event. Please refer to the Graduation Unit website for more information.

Where will my Graduation be held?

Exact dates and venues will be posted on the Graduation Unit website.

How many guests am I allowed to bring to Graduation?

Depending on the centre in which you are graduating, guests are allowed as follows:

Sydney - three (3)

Melbourne - three (3)

Singapore - three (3)

Beijing - four (4)

All children except infants will require a guest entry ticket to attend the Graduation. Entry to all venues is restricted.

What should I wear to my Graduation?

A Graduation ceremony is a formal occasion. Business or semi-formal dress code applies. Appearance must be neat and tidy.

Graduands wishing to colour coordinate clothing and accessories with their academic dress can view Faculty and Departmental colours here.

How do I obtain additional copies of my transcript/testamur?

You will need to contact the Graduation Unit, please refer to the Graduation Unit FAQs for instructions. Please note that a fee will apply.

I am graduating with the Postgraduate Certificate, do I attend a ceremony?

If you are graduating with a postgraduate certificate,  you will not attend a graduation ceremony. Your graduation documents will be mailed to you as soon as possible after the graduation series has concluded. It is your responsibility to ensure your mailing details are kept current at all times. Please make sure to check your address on eStudent.

What are the Award abbreviations?

Master of Applied Finance – MappFin
Postgraduate Certificate of Applied Finance – PGCertAppFin