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Current Students - general FAQ's

How long do I have access to units on iLearn?

You will have access to cores for 12 months and 6 months for electives. We recommend you save your notes and readings at the beginning or end of each term and download everything, as you will loose access after the specified period (as mentioned).

Elective units are organised into specialisations (or streams) ā€“ do I have to specialise?

No, we organise the elective units into streams to make it easier for students to plan their studies around the areas of finance in which they are most interested. Some students have a specific career path in mind when they begin the course and therefore want to specialise in that area. Many of our students prefer to gain a broad understanding of finance and will select elective units from across several or all streams. Completion of a stream does not lead to a ‘specialisation’ at the end of the course.


Can I do other units at MQU?

As of 2020, AFC students can now enrol in five MBA units.

They are:

  • MMBA8047 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MMBA8050 Strategic Frameworks
  • MMBA8058 Corporate Acquisitions
  • MMBA8070 Organisational Behaviour
  • MMBA8076 Leadership and Motivation


Please note that the above MBA units are worth 10 credit points each, which means that AFC students can take a maximum of 3 MBA units (depending on your currently study plan).


For more details, please enquire with Student Services by sending an email to:

How do I submit an assignment?

All assignments are to be submitted electronically via Turnitin within the Unit iLearn site, unless otherwise instructed by your Lecturer (or Unit Convenor). Turnitin is an online text-matching software that compares electronically submitted papers to databases of academic publications, as well as other papers that have previously been submitted. It is important to famliarise yourself with the submission process and do not leave it to the last minute. 

Late submissions without prior agreed extension from the Lecturer (or Unit Convenor) will not be admissible. If you experience any problems submitting your assignment, you must contact your Lecturer (or Unit Convenor) immediately.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you require an extension, you must submit a Special Consideration application together with supporting documentation, which MUST be submitted within five (5) working days from the date of the assessment due date. This must be submitted to Please see the Special Consideration policy in the Program Rules for detailed information.

Technical problems should be lodged with OneHelp or contact (02) 9850 4357 or 1800 67 43 57.


TIPS: How to submit an assignment and find your grade via iLearn.


What is a Census Date?

The census date for a unit is the last date that you can withdraw from a unit without incurring academic or financial penalties.


For AFCP units, you can find the census dates here: MQBS AFC Important Dates

For MMBA units, you can find the census dates here: MQBS MGSM Important Dates

Alternatively, you can view census dates of your enrolled units in eStudent. Go to My Enrolment tab then select the menu option 'Check Unit Enrolment & Print Timetable'.


What is the Payment Due Date?

The payment due date is the last date you can pay for the unit you are enrolled in without attracting a late payment fee.

Fees paid for units you are enrolled in after the payment due date will attract a late payment fee.


What is eStudent?

eStudent is Macquarie University’s student payment system.

MAFC’s students use eStudent to:

  • Pay fees by credit card (allow 48 hours after self-enrolment on iManage)

  • View any outstanding debts & payment deadlines for your fees

  • Complete online FEE-HELP Assistance Form


What is iLearn?

iLearn is the online learning system for:

  • Learning activities

  • Submitting assignments

  • Retrieving course notes, readings and other unit resources

  • Communicating with the cohort and lecturer.

Students are expected to login to iLearn frequently, at a minimum twice a week. iLearn can be accessed in Quicklinks on the MAFC student website.  Announcements, forum posts and notifications are directed to the MQ student email address only.

Access to an iLearn unit is linked to the student’s official enrolment in the unit.

To log into iLearn, students need to enter their student number and password (set up at the first time login application) to access the iLearn unit.


What is iManage?

iManage is MAFC’s student management system where you can:

  • Update your personal contact details

  • Enrol and discontinue in units of study

  • View your timetable

  • View your course details


How do I enrol in a unit?

Enrolment is to be completed on-line via iManage. You can enter the iManage site via Essential Services on the MAFC student website. Enrolment is available for units offered in the current calendar year only.

For the last dates to enrol in units, refer to Important Dates. Note: The dates are different for core and elective units.

Further information regarding enrolment dates, pre-requisites, unit note collection and other general enrolment information can be found on the MAFC student website.


Can I withdraw from a unit?

You should note withdrawal does not happen automatically.  In particular, non-attendance at class or failure to collect the Notes or failure to meet unit pre-requisites does not amount to discontinuance.  

Withdrawing from a unit after the census date attracts penalty. If the census date has passed you must complete the following form 'Application to withdraw from unit(s) without academic and/or financial penalty'. Request for withdrawal must be submitted to Do NOT use AskMQ.

If you withdraw from a unit, the following rules apply:

  • If you withdraw from a unit before the census date and return the notes, you will be treated as not having been enrolled (NE).  No result will show on your academic transcript.  

  • If you withdraw from a unit up to four (4) weeks after census date, you will be treated as having withdrawn (W) and this will show on your transcript.  As you will or have been given a result for this unit, your fees will still be allocated against this unit.  This means you will not be able to claim a refund.

  • If you withdraw from a unit more than four (4) weeks after the census date, your result will be a fail (F) and this will show on your transcript.  As you will or have been given a result for this unit, your fees will still be allocated against this unit.


What is the expectation for a standard study load?

Full-Time Student – 20 credit points per term

Part-Time Student – 10 credit points per term


Can I study more than 10 credit points per term if Iā€™m a Part-Time student?

If you are a part-time student and you want to study more than 10 credit points in any given term please complete an Application for Special Approval and submit to Approval for enrolment in a higher than normal study load is at the discretion of the Program Director. No special consideration is given due to workload or resulting poor performance for students who undertake a higher than normal study load.


When do I get my results?

Results for core and elective units will normally be available approximately three to four (3-4 weeks after the final exam. An email will be sent by student support to MQ student email address informing students to log into the iManage to view results when available.  To obtain general feedback on your performance in specific assessments please contact your lecturer via email.


Can I attend lectures at one Centre and sit the exam/s in another Centre?

Yes, you will be able to do this. We recommend that once you have enrolled in a unit via iManage that you email requesting to sit your exam in another Centre (no later than 4 weeks’ notice). Please see Program Rules for Students for more details.


What do I do if I am unavailable for a scheduled exam?

We expect you to sit exam on the scheduled date. To assist you to do that, an exam date is published in the timetables on our website for some months before that exam. Exam week is week 12 of each term.

Exam charges will be applicable for students intending to sit an exam outside their centre of enrolment (For more information please refer to Program Rules for Students.

If you do not attend an exam you will be given a fail (F) grade on your transcript unless special consideration has been approved by the Program Director under the University's Special Consideration Policy. For more information refer to Program Rules for Students Special Consideration Policy).

Can I join a part-time class as a full-time student?

If classes in a unit are available in the day as well as in the evening, you are expected to enrol in the day class if you are a full-time student or in the evening class if you are a part-time student. We aim to be as flexible as possible and will try to accommodate you in your preferred class however, we reserve the right to move you from an evening class to a day class if you are a full-time student or from a day class to an evening class if you are a part-time student.  We will advise you of any such move.


How do I change my study plan?

  • If you wish to discontinue from a unit, and wish to enrol in another unit, you can do so via iManage. Please note that this must be done prior to census date in order to avoid academic and financial penalties. Please also ensure that you meet the pre-requisites when enrolling into the new unit.

  • Changes to your study plan need to be completed before the census date. If you wish to discontinue in a unit once the census date has passed please complete a ‘Change of Unit’ form and submit to the Student Support team (for detailed information please refer to Program Rules for Students (Discontinuance). Penalties apply other than in exceptional circumstances.

All changes to a students’ study plan will be confirmed in the main Macquarie University student management system (AMIS) and can be viewed by a student by logging into eStudent. Please note that it can take a few days for the data to be confirmed.


Who should I talk to for advice about my study plan?

Any of our full-time academic faculty or the Program Director. Please email to arrange a time.


Can I appeal my grade?

The grade appeal process ensures that students are not disadvantaged on procedural grounds (i.e. where proper stated procedures are not followed). It is not to be submitted as an automatic response to an undesirable outcome. Appeals will be treated seriously and fairly but in return they must be genuine and carefully justified in terms of the allowable grounds for appeal.

A student is expected to seek feedback from their lecturer or unit convenor in regard to their performance in specific assessments in advance of submitting a grade appeal.

Full details of the grounds for appeal criteria and required supporting documentation are listed in the Program Rules for Students.


Can I continue my studies if I relocate overseas?

The MAppFin and GDipAppFin is a face-to-face teaching program and students are encouraged to attend all classes to get the most out of the Program. Where a student is transferred overseas and only has a few elective units remaining to complete their degree, they may apply to study on a remote basis.  The request is to be submitted to and approval is at the discretion of the Program Director.

Please note that self-study is difficult and no special consideration will be given to students who have had a remote study plan approved.  Also note that not all elective units are able to be studied on a remote basis. 


How long will each term be?

There are 12 weeks in each term.


On completion of the Master of Applied Finance, what designation can I use?

Students who successfully complete the Master of Applied Finance program can use the MAppFin designation.