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Finance Professionals

Held at our Sydney CBD campus and Melbourne campus from 12.30pm – 1.30pm, Finance Professionals is a series of seminars held by the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre (MAFC) for professionals working in the finance industry.

These lectures cover a a wide range of industry related topics - past lectures have included: the NSW Treasurer discussing Social Impact Bonds; trends in modelling energy risk; lessons from recent trading debacles.

For information on upcoming seminars and to sign up to the distribution list, please visit the MAFC main site.



Are robots helping or hindering traditional asset managers?


Applying advanced data analytics can add value by helping managers make better decisions quickly and consistently.


Join us at our lunchtime talks to hear from Laurence Irlicht, Slava Platkov and Anthony Corr on the role of data in decision making.


These talks will take place via Zoom Webinar over 3 weeks:

Wednesday 10 June, 12:30pm

Wednesday 17 June, 12:30pm

Wednesday 24 June, 12:30pm


The seminars will include a 30-minute presentation with time allocated for Q&A.


Register here to take part in all 3 webinars.


Talk #1 – Wednesday 10 June, 12:30pm


Laurence Irlicht, Executive Director - Indexed & Quantitative Equities at IFM Investors

The confluence of massive increases in available data, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, and cheap computational power have massively impacted almost every area of commerce, and many areas of life. Unsurprisingly, this changing landscape is also impacting quantitative finance. However, there are many reasons why predicting a price move is a very different task to the more common applications of machine learning such as predicting what items a person may want to buy, or translating speech into text. In this talk, Laurence will give a brief overview of the changing landscape of data and introduce some of the broad categories of machine learning. He will discuss some of the attractions and challenges of applying such techniques to finance.

Talk #2 – Wednesday 17 June, 12:30pm


Slava Platkov, Portfolio Manager & Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors


Quality sustainability data is hard to find but extremely helpful when making investment decisions. The key to forward-looking data is finding emerging systematic trends. Finding data on demographic shifts, economic shifts, subnational strategies for climate action, status of natural resources, and physical climate impacts all play a part in evaluating sustainable investments. Slava Platkov will present on data in systematic sustainability investing.


Talk #3 – Wednesday 24 June, 12:30pm


Anthony Corr, Head of Research at Redpoint Investment Management


Over the last ten years, the complexity of financial markets and investment techniques have increased significantly. Most firms react to this change by patching up and expanding their legacy platforms, in turn using a support system that has higher long term costs and are not optimised for digital growth. Anthony Corr will present on resourcing for increasing complexity in data and highlight how being a digital leader can speed up the investment process.